News – Events ASEAN+3 Song Contest fosters cultural exchange

Voice of Viet Nam will host the ASEAN+3 Song Contest to celebrate the 50th founding anniversary of ASEAN and the 72nd anniversary of Voice of Viet Nam.

The contest aims to increase cultural exchanges between ASEAN members and China, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

This is the first time that Voice of Viet Nam has hosted a pop singing contest for ASEAN members. 

Pop music was selected as a medium to encourage enthusiastic exchanges between the young people of ASEAN countries. 24 singers,19 from ASEAN countries and 5 from China, the Republic of Korea, and Japan, will participate in the contest. 

Contestants will demonstrate their own musical technique and voice as well as the cultural identity of their country. 

Voice of Viet Nam hopes young artists are enabled to express themselves and musical talents are nurtured within the ASEAN community. 

VOV Vice President Vu Hai said “Previously, Voice of Viet Nam organized an ASEAN singing contest where singers performed different musical genres. This year, we selected Pop because we want to focus on young singers aged between 18 and 35. ASEAN is 50 years old now and its future depends on the younger generation, who will join efforts to develop the ASEAN Community, which was set up in 2015 on the three pillars of Politics, Economics, and Culture. Music will contribute to ASEAN friendship and strength.”

Through music, the audiences will better understand the rich cultures of ASEAN countries. 

Hosting the ASEAN+3 Song Contest, VOV wants to demonstrate its important role as a national media agency in boosting Viet Nam’s cooperation with other countries and creating an environment of peace, friendship, and development. 

Mr. Hai said “Participating singers will celebrate the 50th anniversary of ASEAN and strengthen friendship cooperation between ASEAN members. We invite our partner countries to sing in order to enhance our friendship with them.”

The contest will be held in Thanh Hoa Province on August 19-20 and will be broadcast live on VTC1, VTC3, VOVTV, VOV3 and VOV5.

Source: VOV

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